The ‘Right To Protein’ initiative annually observes and celebrates the globally recognized ‘Soy Month’ in April to raise awareness about Soy - a wonder bean and a superfood to achieve nutrition security globally.

From soybean oil which is healthier than many other vegetable oils to soy foods which is the only complete source of plant-based protein with all nine essential amino acids and to soy feed which makes animal protein sources richer in their protein content - soy a humble legume brings the promise of helping citizens meet their protein requirements and for nations to achieve nutrition security.

‘Right To Protein’ urges all individuals, organisations, industry and thought leaders to join the celebrations of #SoyMonth and enabling citizens to meet their protein requirements through this superfood.

Soy: A Superfood & Wonderbean

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‘Addressing the Protein Challenges of the Indian
Diet with Soy Protein’

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