2020 hasn't been a normal year for any of us. While we all were excited about the new decade, vowing to change our lives for the better, all that changed with the covid-19 pandemic. And if you are worried about how to spice up your cooking, or tired of making the same kind of food over the past six to seven months, then we got you covered.

We have now entered in the most celebrated Indian festive season, where we have just bid and adieu to Navratri and count-down to Diwali days have begun. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that our health and immunity should always be our priority and our food choices is directly responsible for our overall well-being. Hence, even during the festivities mindful eating can help cope up with the covid-19 pandemic, without dampen the excitement and our spirit of celebrations. To make your pre-Diwali parties more scrumptious, at the same time keeping in mind the health concerns of ordering food from outside.

To help make the healthy and flavourful food choices this festive season, the Right to Protein initiative partnered with LabelBlind® to identify, round up and rate high protein prepackaged foods and beverage products that are commonly available in Indian supermarkets. Nearly 1750 products across 150 brands from 18 categories are enlisted in the India Protein Score – and this includes the ready to eat foods that are perfect for festive season.

Here's are some of the best ready-to-eat meals at your rescue –
Chicken Kheema Biryani

Porta Foods offers easy-to-microwave dishes that have high protein content and are a delight for your tastebuds. You can try their Chicken Kheema biryani or even other varieties like Butter Chicken Rice and Chicken Schezwan Rice. This food is made from non-GMO ingredients, and this brand stands on the top on Labelblind's list of protein-rich food.

Palak Paneer Freshway

Palak Paneer is a family favourite when we go out for dinner. Kids especially find this dish very appealing. Both Palak and Paneer are known for being rich in proteins and nutrients. You cannot go wrong when you order this dish from Freshway. If you want, you can also try some other dishes like Paneer Bhurji.

Dal Makhani

It had been taught to us in school how dals and cereals would be high in protein, and once you have Dal Makhani from Gits, it is all you will want to have. If you are eating alone or having a small get together at home. This dish should be on your festival menu. Mommy made It, offers a Jain version of protein-rich Dal Makhani.

Gujarati Dal

If you are ordering from Mommy Made It, then Gujarati Dal should be in your cart. This sweet and spicy dal will remind you of homecooked meals if you are staying away from home. You can also gift them to your mother so that she gets a break this festive season.

Chicken Darbari

Feel like a royal as you enjoy Chicken Darbari in the comforts of your home. Kitchens of India meals are all you need when you are looking for something indulgent and healthy. For vegetarians, Paneer Darbari is the perfect alternative.