Here's a quick exercise for you. When you sit for your next meal, tick off the nutrients you see on the plate. Carbs?  Fibre?  Good fats?  Sugar? . But what about protein? Does the plate have an omelet or a lean cut of meat, paneer bhurji perhaps or any other milk-based products? Chances are, the answer is . Lack of this macronutrient can impair the body in several ways, including weakening our immune system. While enriching meals with protein is extremely important, a survey reveals that 73 per cent of urban India are protein deficient. Of them, as many as 93 per cent are unaware about their daily protein requirements. In order to raise awareness and educate public on health benefits of protein, Right To Protein has launched India's first-ever 'Protein Day'. Many countries around the world acknowledge 27th February as the Protein Day and starting this year, India also joins this global movement. By celebrating this day, Indian citizens are encouraged to learn more about the available sources of plant and animal protein, their diversity, and their importance in daily meals for better nutrition and wellbeing. On this India Protein Day, Right To Protein urges Indians to ask themselves at every meal; Aaj Protein Mein Kya Hai. Through various activities conducted on this day, the Right To Protein initiative also launched a campaign film with the theme of #ProteinMeinKyaHai, a light-hearted informational video, that uses humor to drive home the message to Indian households that protein should be included in every meal, in adequate quantity. The Right To Protein initiative offers access to several tools that can help one become protein aware. For instance:

  • Protein-O-Meter: An online general 'protein calculator', designed basis the unique Indian dietary habits. The online tool helps Indians, across different age-groups to track their daily protein intake and will also help them make necessary improvements by providing relevant suggestions.
  • Protein Index: It provides information about all the protein rich whole foods. This page acts as a guide for visitors to select food items that can be used incorporated in their daily diets to increase protein.

So, this India Protein Day, we urge each and every one of you to look at your plate, and make a conscious effort to include at least a quarter of your plate with protein for each meal. And ask yourself and others daily: #ProteinMeinKyaHai

Find out all about whole foods that are protein heroes! Achieve your fitness goals by finding out just how much protein you should incorporate to stay nourished.