Right To Protein is supported by several like-minded individuals, academicians, professionals and institutions. The initiative is open for who would like to join and/or contribute in any capacity, including providing knowledge, technical support or as promotion partners.

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Understand what guides our mission of Protein Sufficiency

The work that we do is guided by our six core values

Right to Protein Education

Right to educate yourself about protein, to facilitate voluntary adoption of protein in food choices

Right to Protein Examination

Right to monitor protein intake to mitigate protein-energy malnutrition by providing right tools and platforms to do so

Right to Protein Affordability

Right to knowledge of cost-effective and natural protein sources, allowing people across income groups to include protein in everyday meals

Right to Protein Accessibility

Right to availability of protein to facilitate sound growth and quality life for people across gender, income-groups and age

Right to Protein Intake

Right to increase protein intake among children, mothers, and the youth

Right to Protein Fitness

Right to adequate protein consumption to lead an active life, allowing the body to build, repair and rejuvenate itself

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